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Unleash Your Inner Goddess with Divine Feminine Leadership

A 9 month certification, weaving together ancient mysticism, and transformational empowerment mentoring.


Imagine feeling like a supernova of a woman...

where you feel inspired by who you are, and masterful at utilizing the energy that creates through you. You live life not only joyfully, but audaciously.

This rite of passage will result in you:

  • Feeling fully ALIVE! You will become clear on what your dreams are, and how to cultivate them. Your actions will no longer be blocked by excuses of "someday."
  • You will feel confident in how you are uniquely meant to hold space for others to receive your wisdom, inspiration, love, and vision. Whether in front of a crowd, a group of friends, or your children.
  • You will feel resourced to know how to soften into your feminine energy in a way where it becomes a superpower of divine aligned-action and dreamy manifestation.
Feminine Energy, when brought into its healthiest, most vibrant state, cultivates miracles. As a woman, you are meant to thrive in a way where it feels like your life is making love to you. Because it is!

Why does it feel so hard?

Reclaiming holistic feminine power is much easier said than done

  • There's centuries upon centuries of feminine oppression to excavate from our psyche's, genetic memory, and lineages. 
  • Everything is connected, and has a polarity. Meaning: our culture is rampant with toxic masculinity which greatly affects our femininity.
  • Many of the stories we have been told about what it means to be a woman are false. To dismantle these, can feel like a loss of identity. 
  • Many women don't trust other women because of generational trauma, and it feels safer to follow a patriarchal model than to shake things up. 
  • Modern society automatically suppresses foundational expressions of the feminine, which makes many women feel unworthy, shameful, and fearful.

Here's the truth

The old structures are crumbling, and it's time to build something new

This dynamic program will include a deep exploration of the 7 faces of the feminine through archetypes that are already within you, as well as provide a multi-faceted understanding of "Goddess" energy-- that when implemented fully, can manifest a life so beautiful, it will expand you, (and those you share this with), beyond your wildest imagination.

"Goddess Rewilding helped me finally accept who I am, and discover what it means to fall in love with myself. I am so proud of the woman I have become!"

attendee of the Goddess Rewilding Retreat
Niki Marrè presents: 

An immersive  invitation to heal, awaken, and empower the Divine Feminine leader that you were born to be.

Spring Equinox - Winter Solstice 2024



Every month we will explore a "new face" of the feminine. In your online portal you will have access to pre-recorded educational videos with Niki as your teacher, as well as assignments for integration and self-exploration.


Each month will feature 2 live workshops! First with Niki, and another with a Divine Feminine thought leader that lives in mastery with the theme of the month. These workshops will be on the 2nd and 4th Thursday's at 9 am PST.

Private Community

This pilot program will be held as an intimate, safe container, with sisterhood being the stronghold of our program. We will have 2 (optional) monthly 30 minute check-in calls to support integration, and connect with one another. 

Learn at Your Own Pace

All of this will be recorded and accessible in your Goddess portal online! This means that you don't have to make it in-person to any of our live meetings. You will have online access for 12 months. 




Divine Feminine Energy 

This introductory month will highlight what Divine Feminine energy is, how to understand it, harness it, and restore it back into balance in your mind, body, spirit, and lifestyle.

  • Learn about Feminine energy from an ancient Yogic lineage, and how this power translates into your multi-dimensional personality, and personal power.
  • Explore how patriarchal rule has controlled your personal feminine energy, and learn practices that can liberate yourself from this ancestral trauma.
  • Receive masterful guidance from a Celtic priestess, about ancient feminine traditions that can reinvigorate your connection to the natural world.
Month 2

The Wild Woman 

Untame your sacred, primal power with this potent month of reclaiming the beauty, and nourishment of your Wild energy.

  • Discover your unique definition, and authentic embodiment, of your most unconditioned feminine self. 
  • Dive deep into your inner-child self, to remember the truths that were woven into the very soul fabric of your being.
  • Learn from an indigenous Feminine educator about the importance of remembering our wild roots, and how to shift our lifestyle to come home to ourselves.
Month 3

The Creatrix 

Get sultry with the creative spiral that formed you! This sassy month will stir up the sensual side of Goddess philosophy, making your life an act of romance

  • Your senses will become enlivened as you learn how to move through the world turned on by life itself-- as you were meant to. 
  • Together we will eradicate shame related to this Goddesses' miraculous power, and illuminate our artistry.
  • Receive life-enhancing wisdom from a Divine Feminine master in the art of womb healing while creating a sacral altar within.
Month 4

The Warrior-ess

Stoke your inner fire as you discover how to embrace and emulate the fiery Goddess that lives in the center of your being.

  • Amplify your self-love and self-worth as you ignite the powerful embers of your life-force that result in aligned action.
  • Become true to your innate passion, sacred anger, soul mission... and healthy boundaries.
  • Bask in the presence of a potent Divine Feminine Warrior-ess that will spark the holy fire of your strongest, boldest, soul-shining self.
Month 5

The Healer

Tap into the wellspring of healing energy that already exists within you, while becoming a confident energetic artist that can alchemize any aspect of your life.

  • Remember ancient energy medicine techniques that feel as natural as anything you were born to do.
  • Reimagine what it means to be love-centered and compassionate in a world of extreme duality and trauma.
  • Become awe-inspired by a radiant reiki master teacher, who is walking her talk and putting her powerful energies into creating a more inclusive world.
Month 6

The Enchantress

Burn away patriarchal chains that have kept your voice and full-expression small, all while embracing the power of vibration to manifest miracles.

  • Bravely get to know your personal "soul songs" and receive the energetic support to begin to sing them loudly.
  • Learn how the power of your own voice can begin to shake your world up in the best way as you amplify the display of your highest self. 
  • Immerse yourself in the melodies of a real life Song Source-ress, and learn how to untether your authentic self from containment.  
Month 7

The Mystic 

Open yourself up to the intuitive magic that has been swirling in your minds eye and body-- patiently waiting for you to drop the fears that have blocked your unique mysticism. 

  • Become intimately connected with your mystical gifts, while receiving tools for safety and support.
  • Release the programming and ancestral "witch wounding" that caused you to hide in the first place.
  • Learn about a profound form of spirituality from a master that has dedicated her life to awakening the third eye in women across the world. 
Month 8

The Priestess

Reclaim the seat on your Divine Feminine throne as you own the powerful portal that you have discovered and remembered is you, through this program.

  • Make being one with The Divine a sustainable lifestyle, while learning how to live in the matrix as an awakened woman.
  • Receive a spiritual activation from The Goddess herself, through a transcendent energy healing, and channeling.
  • Replenish your soul in a poignant workshop by a Divine Feminine priestess who shares the mysteries of the most evolved Goddess Codes.
Month 9

The Rebirth

Integrate Integrate Integrate! This entire month is devoted to assimilating all of the shifts, education, and activations that this program had to offer you.

  • Bring everything together and create a Divine Feminine Leadership plan for you to implement in your life moving forward. 
  • Become certified in Divine Feminine Leadership as you create a masterful capstone project to share amongst your sisterhood.
  • CELEBRATE: You will have the option to join an opulent in-person Goddess retreat to honor your Divine Feminine ascension! 

life after rebirth

Becoming a Divine Feminine Leader...

  • The paths in which to apply this program are infinite. No matter if you're an entrepreneur, a mother, a healer, or a creative, you will become your own version of a fearless embodied leader.
  • You will have the knowledge and audacity to make decisions that will nourish the mission that only YOUR SOUL can create in this world.
  • Your self-confidence, self-love, self-awareness, and exquisite connection to Divine Energy will shape-shift your life to reflect your worth.
  • Your ability to transform, transmute, and clear energy will empower you to move through this world as a force rather than a victim of it.
  • You will gain the potential to be liberated in body, ingenuity, self-love, voice, self-trust, and sovereignty. Can you imagine who you could be? 


"After connecting with myself through these teachings I feel a fire inside of me that gives me the courage to no longer hide. It's influencing every decision I make in my life. The world is responding!"


"Niki's energy is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I am stepping into my gifts and sharing myself now, even though it scares me. I feel alive."

Ready to awaken the Goddess Leader within?
Choose your payment plan:

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$855 - $3,444

  • one time payment. 14% off is applied.
  • you pay what you can, from $855 up to $3,444
  • this is a pilot program, which means this pricing will never happen again!
  • receive 9 recorded educational videos, 9 live sessions with Niki, 9 live sessions with Divine Feminine leaders, and a workbook
  • you will be awarded a Divine Feminine Leadership certification once you move through all modules.

9 payments of


  • this is for monthly auto-pay payments 
  • you pay what you can, from $111 up to $444 a month.
  • this is a pilot program, which means this pricing will never happen again!
  • receive 9 recorded educational videos, 9 live sessions with Niki, 9 live sessions with Divine Feminine leaders and a workbook
  • you will be awarded a Divine Feminine Leadership certification once you move through all modules.

And there is more

When you enroll, you'll also receive these additional trainings:

Bonus #1

Intro to the Chakras 

This course includes 4 hours of recorded teachings through the basics of the chakra system. You will also receive 7 pages of inquiries to explore your own energy body. This philosophy is an essential foundation for understanding Divine Feminine energy.

Bonus #2

Hands on Healing Training

Module 5 of the Goddess Rewilding, Divine Feminine Leadership certification also includes an attunement and guidance on how to practice "Level 1" hands-on-healing, using your innate energy field. You will also learn how to clear and balance your aura.

Bonus #3

Goddess themed Meditations

Included in your program are 7 goddess themed meditations, never released before! These blissful guided recordings will take you into the most luscious blessings of each of the archetypes of the Feminine to elevate, and calm you any time you need it. 

is the Goddess calling you?

Your path to your rewilding

1. Join your Divine Feminine Leadership program

Click the enrollment button and follow the checkout steps. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details.

2. On March 21st the program will go live!

As the spring equinox dances upon us you will be able to dive in! Can’t start right away? It's okay, you have 1 year access to the course.

3. Receive your Divine Feminine Leadership certification

Upon completing this program and the work assigned to it, you will have the opportunity to receive your certification. 


Meet your guide

Niki Marrè

Founder of Goddess Rewilding 

Niki Marrè is a passionate teacher and creatrix for the rising of the Divine Feminine. Born in the mountains, she intuitively began practicing shamanism as a child where she received her first teachings from The Goddess "Gaia," *Earth*.

Growing up, she used movement as a form of medicine through 21 years of intense dance, which transitioned into teaching yoga / Feminine spirituality, meditation, as well as somatic therapies, such as ecstatic dance, and psychological accupressure. Always being highly attuned to the subtle energies of reality, Niki also became a reiki master teacher, sound + space healer, hypnotherapist, and integrative energy therapist.

Today, Niki is a Medicine Woman for the Divine Feminine through her holistic alchemy for mind, body, and soul liberation. Privately, she offers transformational mentorships for women seeking to reclaim their magic. She has been leading wellness retreats and archetypal Goddess groups for over a decade.

Are you ready to rewild into your most vivacious leadership?

This program won't be offered again in this accessible way. If you've made it this far, your soul must be guiding you into this Divine Feminine initiation. 


Frequently Asked Questions

A note from Niki:

An ancient remembering for the Aquarian age

Goddess Rewilding -- the entire philosophy, "downloaded" through my body in 2021 as I was laying on the Earth, so sick, I could hardly walk. Every cell in my body was electrified. It was a clarity I had felt coming for years, and it turned out to be an initiation beyond my wildest imagination...

This program, and Goddess Rewilding is based off of 7 archetypes of The Feminine. What I didn't know, was that I would be guided by Spirit, to work through every archetype in myself, in life-shattering, and miraculous ways. I sunk into the depths of such darkness and heartbreak, I inevitably experienced multiple vast ego deaths and painful rebirths. 

The other side of this journey has supplied me with wisdom and lived experience that I could have never embodied had I not been thrown into the underbelly of The Goddess. I now have access to higher states of awareness and euphoric frequencies of LOVE than I ever knew possible. I can't wait to introduce you to the potency of these activations, and hold a safe space for your own metamorphasis! 🦋

From the depths of my Soul, thank you for being here for this personal liberation of a lifetime.